Convention Panels/ Workshops Offered by BewitchedRaven

Cosplaying with Hidden Disabilities

This one hour panel is an open discussion on the impact cosplaying can have on those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other "invisible" disabilities. This panel will discuss the positive and negative impacts the cosplay community can have on these conditions, coping mechanisms, and creating a support community for cosplayers in an effort to better the community and create a medium through open communication.

Cosplay 101

Are you someone who loves to Cosplay? Come join us for a one hour panel to discuss all of the Cosplay basics. From where to start to to closet cosplays, to building your own! 

So you want to be a cosplay guest?

This panel will dive in to how to reach out to conventions to partner as a cosplay guest, but what guesting entails. We will discuss offering content, services, entertainment, and other ways to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Lets talk about Boobs!
Cosplay Undergarments

An in depth discussion of the importance of undergarments when cosplaying. We will discuss how undergarments affect the look and feel of your cosplay. We will also go in depth on the importance of correct sizing of bras. What is under your cosplay is just as important as the cosplay itself!

Cosplay Photography Workshop

This workshop is offered in partnership with Sugarfree D Photography. Each participant will  receive 3-5 fully edited cosplay photos sent to them digitally. We will go over posing techniques, lighting,  and practices to put into play to make every photo of your cosplay a winner!

The Fundamentals of Tarot

This panel covers a brief history of the practice of Tarot. We will cover when and how to decide on your first Tarot Deck, the different card meanings, and the groupings of the Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, The Cups, The Wands, The Coins, and The Swords. This panel will include example Tarot reading from BewitchedRaven.


All the basics of LARPing covering the different types of LARP, building a character, your best costuming, weapon safety, fighting styles, and more!

Women in LARP

Are you someone who loves to LARP? Come join us for a one hour panel to discuss the impacts, challenges, choices, and social/psychological views that face women in the LARPing community. We will talk about how to overcome any struggles women may face in LARP and how to overcome those to empower the female LARPer.  (Sister panel to Women in Cosplay)

Being the best LARPer you can be

This one hour panel is a discussion of the psychology behind LARP, and how that can help shape you into a well-rounded player. This dive into the mind of players will help you not only get what you want from your LARP, but help shape you into the type of player who can help others get what they are looking for as well.